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800 Mpa

Best Practice & Documentation

Zirconia 800 Mpa Biodynamic Milling

The material is isostatically pressed to allow the milling performance equal to 1200 mpa. Nevertheless, being the most tender material, clamping the ring nut of “cialda”, without squeezing it too hard, to avoid chipping the restraining step is advised. On the matter of milling strategies, you can freely use the ones for the 1200 mpa. The material is considered similar to lithium disilicate, as they share similar characteristics. It is suitable for singular crowns and bridges with maximum 3 elements with a intermediate layer in the front area. Pay strict attention while increasing the bonds among the united elements as much as possible. For the frame work of the borders, do not go below 0.2 mm


Considering the particular TRANSLUCENT structure of the material, the use of specific water based colors, supplied by the universal HdueO Colors manufacturers, is advised. The water brush technique rather than immersion to avoid too intense coloring is suggested. After the coloring process, the material is dried under infrared drying lamps or melting machines with a maximum 150° for 30/180 minutes per second of artifact’s volume

Frame Work

After sintering, work with diamond burs or elaboration stones for Zirconia, without overheating the piece, by milling under water jet. Sandblasting with 50-micron aluminum oxide at 2/4 bar is advised before polishing


Polishing in an ambience of 890°/930° with a rising temperature not superior than 25°/30° and a slow cooling process up to 600° is advised. If the artifact’s volume is superior to 2,5 grams, a slow cooling process up to 300° is suggested

800 Mpa Cementation

DEFINITIVE cementation with glass ionomer or resent cement is peremptory. The material is not etchable, so, in order to have a better adhesion, a sandblasting of 50 micron ¾ bar aluminum oxide within the crown

800 Mpa

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