Zirconio 1200 Mpa Biodynamic

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Biodynamic Zirconia 1200 mpa and Precolored Super-Translucent Zirconia

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New Zirconia 1200 mpa is composed of certified material only .


The coloring process relies mostly on the types of shades. Usage of shades provided from water (HdueO) based products is advised, along with the brush technique rather than immersion to avoid too intense coloring. After the coloring process, the material is dried under drying lamps or melting machines with a maximum 150° for 30/180 minutes per second of artifact’s volume.

Frame Work:

After sintering, work with diamond burs or elaboration stones for Zirconia, without overheating the piece, by milling under water jet. Sandblasting with 50-micron aluminum oxide at 2/4 bar is advised before polishing..


Polishing in an ambience of 900°/930° with a rising temperature not superior to 25°/30° if the artifact is more than 5 units is advised, and a slow cooling process up to 200° is peremptory. Should take out the piece from the melting machine when cooled down.